Drug and alcohol addiction affects the lives of not just the person with the dependencies, 而是他们周围所有人的生命. In the Addiction and Recovery Studies concentration of the Human Services Technology program, you will learn to assist people struggling with drug and alcohol dependencies in drug and alcohol counseling, 以预防为主的教育活动, 康复服务与康复病人, managing community-based programs and counseling in residential facilities.

通过专注于化学依赖的课程, 心理/社会学的过程, 干预和后续技术, you will learn what's needed to start a career as a substance abuse counselor, DUI counselor, 中途教习工作者, residential facility employee or substance education specialist. 具有教育和临床经验, you may obtain certification from the North Carolina Substance Abuse Board.

除了为你的职业选择做准备, you may also choose to apply your earned credits to transfer programs at a senior public or private institution.


A课程.A.S. 学位课程提供白天和晚上,在线和/或混合.

First Year: Fall Semester (16, 17, or 18 Semester Hours Credit)







Upon successful completion of the Human Services Technology/Addiction and Recovery Studies Concentration program, 学生将能够:

  1. Identify different communications within group settings and how these impact people.
  2. Demonstrate effective communication which promotes understanding of self, other people, 个人成长.
  3. Demonstrate different roles of human services workers and best practices when working with human service agencies.
  4. Develop and maintain skills, using evidence-based practices, which support addiction treatment.

The Human Services Technology program requires the performance of essential functions in order to develop relevant knowledge, skills, 以及人类服务领域的态度. 有效地教育学生从事本专业工作, the performance of these functions is incorporated throughout the program. Students are required to demonstrate proficiency of these functions to progress through the program. 基本功能包括:

  1. Critical Thinking: critical thinking ability sufficient to gather relevant information, interpret data, 认识到问题, 并使用一个过程,使知情, 独立的决定表现出良好的判断力. For example, 学生必须对社会科学有充分的了解, community, 以及教育服务.
  2. Interpersonal Skills: interpersonal abilities sufficient to interact with other students, 作为团队的一员发挥作用并做出贡献, 对自己和他人负责, 保持良好的办公环境卫生. For example, students should possess the ability to communicate with individuals with differentiating opinions regarding religion, 政治面貌, and traditions. Cultural and emotional intelligence are required for collaboration with team members.
  3. Communication Skills: communication skills sufficient to speak and write English, 听和理解书面和口语单词, 交流信息和想法,这样别人就能理解. For example, students should be possess the ability to communicate problems in completing a project with an instructor and working within groups.
  4. Mobility: students should possess sufficient mobility to be able to complete assignments on computers.
  5. Motor Skills: students should possess motor skills sufficient to sit for extended periods of time and manual dexterity for computer work and report writing.
  6. Hearing: ability to hear sounds at a close range (within a few feet of the observer). For example, students should be able to hear and respond to an instructor or other students in a classroom.
  7. Visual: ability to see with normal or corrected vision as well as tolerate working indoors in artificial light and outside with natural light. For example, students should possess the ability to look at computer screens and textbooks for long periods of time.
  8. Tactile: tactile ability to perform physical activities that require use of hands and arms. For example, students should possess the ability to write reports and perform group projects.
  9. Weight-Bearing: weight-bearing ability to lift and move 10-20 pounds. For example, students should possess the ability to lift boxes containing materials for those in need.
  10. 认知能力:运用逻辑和推理的认知能力, 注重细节, 短期和长期记忆能力. For example, students should possess the ability to remember a concept covered in a class in a previous week of a semester and effectively apply the learned information.
  11. Listening – listening skills sufficient to give full attention to what other people are saying, 花时间去理解所提出的观点, 适当提问, 不要在不合适的时候打断别人. For example, 学生应该能够与教师互动, peers, and the community on a frequent basis; listening skills must be mastered.

新博娱乐官网是一个符合美国残疾人法的机构. The College does not discriminate on the basis of disability in the admissions process or in access to its programs, 服务和/或活动 for qualified individuals who meet essential eligibility requirements. The College will provide reasonable accommodations for documented disabilities of individuals who are eligible to receive or participate in college programs, 服务和/或活动. Student Services provides a disability counselor to assist students in requesting disability related accommodations. If a student believes that he/she cannot meet one or more of the essential functions without accommodations, the student is encouraged to disclose the disability to the disability counselor as soon as possible. Students must certify the ability to meet essential functions of the curriculum by a signed statement when they begin the program.

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